William Mathews Brooks and his mountaineering experience

Although William Mathews Brooks has excelled in many ventures during his lifetime, one of his most notable achievements involves his mountaineering skills. Some of Matt’s most prestigious climbs have included ascents in the Sierras and the French Alps. Today, Matt has over 30 years of mountain guiding experience and was recently awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). His love of mountaineering also led to his creation of the hugely successful company Brooks-Range, which sells high-quality equipment to mountaineers and adventurers of all kinds. His passion for mountaineering safety has also led him to create many avalanche safety products that help save lives on a regular basis.

William Mathews Brooks and Brooks-Range

The creation of Brooks-Range, which was founded by William Mathews Brooks, is just another example of Matt’s passion for bettering the sport of mountaineering. The need for greater mountaineering equipment became apparent to Brooks when he took a Certified Ski Guide course and noticed the current equipment available was cumbersome and inefficient. After noting the need, Matt set out to create his own Ski Guide Cards and eventually an Emergency Rescue Sled. His Ski Guide Cards were sought out by fellow adventurers leading Brooks to start the business Brooks-Range. The company soon began to grow and today sets a quality standard for mountaineering equipment in the industry.

William Mathews Brooks and the Lifetime Achievement in Mountaineering Award

In 2012, the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) awarded William Mathews Brooks the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Each year this distinguished award is bestowed upon one individual who has at least 30 years of mountain guiding experience and holds American citizenship. Other attributes that are considered include the ability, integrity and moral character of the individual. This award given to Brooks by the AMGA represents a lifetime of achievements in the mountaineering field. Matt is truly a gifted mountaineer and is passionate about the betterment of the sport in general.

William Mathews Brooks Is Awarded The Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award By AMGA

The American Mountain Guides Association has chosen to award William Mathews Brooks with their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. The AMGA award is awarded every year to one citizen of the United States with at least 30 years of mountain guiding experience and who has also made significant contributions to the sport. Other qualifications include integrity, moral character and ability. In receiving this award, Matt Brooks has obviously met these qualifications. Besides a virtual lifetime of mountaineering, Brooks also founded and runs a company dedicated to providing top quality mountaineering equipment to enthusiasts. Brooks-Range boasts equipment made in the USA, of the highest quality and is tested by mountaineering experts. Despite only entering the professional market in 2007, Brooks-Range now has more than 95 percent of the market share in the United States.

The story behind Brooks-Range is helpful in understanding William Mathews Brooks’ commitment to the sport of mountaineering. As a mountain guide and long-standing board member of the AMGA, Brooks discovered that the equipment used in the Certified Ski Guide course was too large and cumbersome to fully serve its purpose. This motivated him to invent the Emergency Rescue Sled and eventually a unique set of Ski Guide Cards. The latter invention was passed around to friends and colleagues before the demand became so great that Brooks decided to sell them. It was not long after that Brooks-Range was founded to not only sell Brooks’ inventions, but to continue to provide high quality equipment.

Matt Brooks hails from San Leandro, California and took an early interest in such outdoor sports as sailing, aviation and mountaineering. He is a well-known skipper of several yachts and has won several trophies in the sport as well. His mountaineering exploits include first ascents in the French Alps and the Sierras. He began his aviation career at 13 with a solo flight and went on to set several world records. His specialty is a custom Citation business jet and he set record time for westward global circumnavigation as well as a westward U.S. flight.

The early life of William Mathews Brooks

William Mathews Brooks grew up in San Leandro, California, where he became interested in aviation, mountaineering and sailing at a very young age. Today, he is a well-known skipper of several yachts and has been so successful at sailing that he has won several awards and trophies. His interest in aviation began at the young age of 13 when he completed his first solo flight. Eventually, Matt set several world aviation records. He enjoys flying a custom Citation business jet in which he set a record time for westward U.S. flight and westward global circumnavigation.